Tuesday, February 26, 2008

$0.99 Stores

A feeding ground for poor quality and excessive quantity--most would agree the preceding phrase would define the horrid advent of the 99 cent store. I , on the other hand, will offer a more fitting definition, as a haven providing variety at a cost suitable for all income levels. Where else can you for $8.53 get 6 plastic reusable container, toilet paper, a table clothe, and honey? It is true many of these establishments use the "off-the-back-of -the-truck" method to supply their stores, but who doesn't use a little exploitation these days? I am not condoning wrong-doing or negative activities, but I am condoning in every which way the use of a more thrifty means to get the things we need. We all now that the toilet paper I buy from the 99 cent store works in the same fashion as the toilet paper from Waldbaum's. It might be a bit better excluding the fact you can buy 4 rolls for a measly 89 cents, which is always a plus. My passion for a good 99 cent store goes beyond toilet paper and table clothes to the point that the 99 cent stores around the nation, or even the world (yes, I know little extreme), are the actuation of thriftiness in physical form.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Stop and Shop? Pathmark? Where can I go to get the best deals.? Though I am a college student, I try not to engorge myself with the typical diet of others in my demographic. Should I than go to Whole Foods? Buying groceries is probably my biggest challenge in the war I have waged on my financial pitfalls. Buying lunch everyday is a no-no, being that the cost could be as high as $10 to $15 a day. In the effort to resolve my virtual quagmire I revered back to my even younger years. The years of my childhood, when every Sunday my mother gave me a pair of plastic scissors, that barely could cut through wet paper without some effort, and we sat and cut coupons together from the newspaper. I have tried the same tactic, purchasing the Sunday paper and searching its content for the coupons that would bring me inches closer to financial freedom I have dreamed of. More times than not, I have felt my effort were in vain. The coupon selection was thin at best---most of the discount being on non-essentials or unknown brands. Where am I to go? As with most things, the Internet has change coupons and discounts associated with groceries. Sites like SundaySaver.com or eCoupon.com lend thrifty shoppers a helping hand in finding the best deals. With rising commodity prices and the surge of crude oil price-- we all need some relief-- the slight relief that a coupon brings to our pockets

Friday, February 22, 2008

The Start of a Thrifty Nation


Given to, or evincing, thrift; characterized by economy and good management of property; sparing; frugal.

Many have deemed me cheap or an outright stick in the mud---I can't help it, I enjoy saving money and getting a good deal on things I need, or on some occasions, I really want. I am a 21 year old accounting student in New York, I need to save every penny I can get my hands on. As my declaration of war on financial terrorism, the terror of my ever-increasing student loan debt and New York rent, I have created this blog to chronicle my own personal journey to the fiscal Land of Oz, and to highlight some of the best bargains and deals I come across during my journey.

I have great hope that my efforts will induce personal financial fortitude and help others (you guys), as well!!!